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chainflex® - application examples

chainflex® works. or your money back.

Desde el punto de vista del cliente, la producción tiene que funcionar sin problemas y un Sistema de distribución de energía tiene que cumplir con su tarea sin perturbaciones. Esto supone un funcionamiento suave de todos sus componentes y de los cables instalados en su interior. igus® fué la primera empresa a desarrollar un Sistema completo de Cadenas portacables. Los cables chainflex® y las Cadenas portacables son suministrados por un solo proveedor y, según la aplicación, con garantía para el Sistema. A partir de la competencia tecnológica adquirida desde 1989 y de una serie de experimentos laboriosos, surgieron los principios de diseño que ayudan a prevenir paros de máquinas en el mundo entero.

Maintenance platform

Maintenance platform for WKA rotors, equipped with maintenance-free products from igus.

IMAGIC flex drilling systems

The hybrid cables of the chainflex® product range are tried and tested and used in the new flexible IMAGIC flex drilling systems.

Industrial robots

This robot applies various materials to a floor: Special demands are made on the cables of the “Floor Master Robot”

Steel industry

A central task in the plant for iron alloys is performed by the conveyor belts which transport the raw material to the melt reduction furnaces.

Sealing system

An industrial camera monitors a robot which takes over the insertion of seals in the automotive industry.

Chip card readers

Special, high tensile strength bus cables for chip card readers in a lift system.

Cables in high-speed use

Moving cables in high-speed use - igus energy chain systems in Hekuma plants

High-performance cable system

The combination of chainflex cables and MFP8 RJ45 plug connectors offers outstanding transmission characteristics even after millions of cycles.

Pick-and-place machine

Cables for 400 million strokes in ultra-fast pick-and-place movements.

Large machining centres

Measuring system cable also transmits signals safely over large distances and thus ensures high machine availability.

Coal silo

Lower weight and space requirements than alternative solutions for conveying coal.

Collision Avoidance

These applications test systems that will make driving cars safer.

Coal transport system

The motors in this system need a large number of cables.

Filling unit

No more malfunctions when dosing fluids with precision.

Wastewater treatment plant

Due to the high robustness and stability, in a wastewater treatment plant near Saale, the decision was made for an E2/000 e-chain®.

Solar energy on a sailing boat

For protection against outdoor influences the connection cables of the solar cell were mounted in an E2 micro energy chain.

Circuit board assembler

17 million cycles per year – chainflex® cables for PCB assembly machine.

Concrete manufacturing

chainflex® control cables significantly reduce the failure rate of the machine in the concrete factory.

LED screen

Temperature-resistant chainflex® cables in an LED screen.

Sewage treatment plant

Energy chain system instead of cable drum - Smooth operation at the sewage treatment plant since 2000

Passenger compartment doors

Control cables for extremely small bend radii in the passenger compartment doors in public transport vehicles.

Stacking unit

300,000 double strokes a month impose rigorous requirements on the control cable.

Composting plant

Heat, abrasive dirt, high atmospheric moisture: These are only some of the ambient conditions in a composting plant.

Furniture factory

Cables with high bending strength increase machine availability in the furniture industry.

Roof structure

Thanks to the construction with e-chains® in the thermal spas in Bad Wörishofen, about 100 meters of cable could be saved and the weight of the roof was reduced.

Industria de la madera

The igus® preassembled energy chains create a lasting, low-wear connection to the tools.

Centro de maquinado

Top condition even after 9 years - Preassembled energy supply systems for precision machines working under tough environmental conditions

Fairground rides

The demands on the facility are very high. All parts of the elevator are permanently exposed to wind and weather, and additional centrifugal forces act upon the parts by the 180° rotation.

Crane track

Crane travels up to 500 m with energy chain systems and cables from igus®.

Cold storage rooms

Tests showed that the Micro flizz® can also be operated in tough test conditions in the cold chamber at -40°C and today it is standard equipment of the new generation high speed lifting doors.

Tile factories

Extreme stressing from tile dus in the building material industry.

Streetcar switches

The applied material repels chips with temperatures up to 850° C without leaving a trace.

Loading and unloading facility

Rigorous requirements imposed on the energy supply: Cycle times and narrow bend radii are a considerable strain on energy supply and lines.

Wood and sandwich processing

Here an energy supply system was developed from standard parts, whose piggyback system at last allocates a
defined place for the large volume suction hoses.

Special machine construction

For this milling machine only energy chains were considered that could satisfy the complex requirements occasioned by the high feed rates and the bend radii.

Laser cutting machines

Because of the high demands on dynamics, the energy chain had to be stable, strong and not too heavy. The chain experiences very high lateral acceleration particularly on the Y-axis.

Crane system

In crane construction, energy supply systems frequently prove their technical and economic strengths. Flexibility, variability and a space-saving installation are only some of the most important criteria.

Special machine construction

Preassembled energy supply systems come into operation here. They provide the edge to cut down the cost of the process.

Shipyard crane

Energy supply systems for shipyard cranes successfully in operation since six years.

Ship unloader

441 m travel: Reduction of tensile forces by about 75%.

Ship loader

Since the ship loader started operations in 2000, no troubles, either mechanical or in the cables, have occurred in the energy chain area.

Glass production

Higher variability at lower costs - Multidimensional energy supply systems raise the performance of robots.

Sistemas de manipulación

Sistema de manipulación robotizado para tarjetas de circuito impreso. Utilización de un sistema flexible de distribución de energía en sala blanca.

OpenHydro tidal turbine

A plastic chain makes any kind of maintenance on the open sea obsolete; a conventional metal chain would not be adequate for the combination of technical, climatic and mechanical requirements.

Dummy robot

A very high acceleration provided an enormouschallenge for the design engineers of this robot.

Door drives

Previously used cables have been replaced by flexible CF9 TPE control cables, which have a significantly longer service life.

Sewage treatment plant

The used igus® products prove themselves till today and drastically reduce the maintenance input.

Underwater boring machine

Series CF27.D servo cables in underwater applications.

Dismantling tool

Flexible chainflex® CF9 control cables and various hoses in zig-zag application.

TV - production

Highly flexible chainflex® control cables in TV production.

Low-floor tram

Operational safety in low-floor vehicles thanks to chainflex® control cable for extremely small bend radii.

Machine building

The technical demands on energy supply systems in machinery and plant construction require cables that work reliably.

Special machine construction

Energy supply systems demonstrate their reliability even in particularly aggressive environmental conditions in special-purpose machinery construction.

Digital camera technology

The chainflex® bus cables are used for their robustness and signal quality.

Linear motor axes

Energy supply systems and cables for the highest demands in linear drive technology.

Electric go-cart

Conversion of a go-cart with combustion engine into an electric go-cart with maximum driving pleasure.

Cordless screwdriver race

The unusual design for a recumbent bicycle has got what it takes: cordless screwdrivers are used here to drive it.

Robot elephant

To the quarter finals of EUROBOT 2009 with the robot "elephant".

Indoor and outdoor cranes

Outdoor cranes must withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoor cranes also work under alternating moisture influences with simultaneous extremely high temperatures.

Inspection robot

This robot checks ventilation shafts before and after cleaning. Energy supply is via a cable

Design motorbike

Robust chainflex® cable CF 9 also withstands adverse weather conditions.

Conveyor unit of coal excavator

The winner of this year’s golden vector is also the longest travel ever to be realised with plastic energy chains in the world.

Multi-axis robots

Maintenance free with cables and multi-dimensional energy chains.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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